Aum Cellars

 Quality assessment involving wine cannot just contemplate tannins, proteins, and mouth feel.  We must also try and understand what the "vitality" of our wine, that nature has manifested and expressed through this amazingly complex specific form we  call wine. 



Philosophy:  We feed the soils and let the soils feed the vines.  Feeding of the soils requires "beings" to feed on other 'beings".  In our case, sheep tend to the vineyard in the winter by keeping weeds at bay while naturally cultivating and adding much needed micro biological ingredients back into the soil.  We also have our chickens feeding on insects under the vine rows throughout the year, keeping balance to beneficial populations, while adding more biology to soils.  owl boxes, blue bird boxes and insectaries help form greater biodiversity to ensure a healthier ecology surrounding the vineyard biodome.

All our wines are natively fermented and non filtered.  Using native yeasts in fermentation is the only way to truly represent the terroir (environmental factors), micro biology of the vineyard soil and ecology of the vineyard site.  We do add probiotic colonies to our wines during secondary fermentation to increase the available biodiversity of living organisms to our wines. 

We consider the human being as a whole, along with its complex material state, therein lies a mental and spiritual state as well.  Aum wines provide a return of organized and harmonious sustenance for a healthy balanced and vital system.